We’ve overcome the sleep wall…well, some of us

Hello fellow hackers!

If you’re still tuning in, then you’ll know we are about two hours shy of sunrise. Can you believe it? Productivity at the Hackathon is at an all time high! While the number of awake individuals has dwindled, the teams are still putting their best foot forward and are determined to finish the #Strandbeest Hackathon. We sincerely applaud their efforts, because the need to sleep is really setting in.

Take a look at their progress below!

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Dream with the Beests!

Have you been dreaming about the beests as much as we have? Want to make those dreams come true? Take the kiddos to the museum for a fun, exciting sleepover! There will be a bunch of family-friendly activities, and some special moments with exhibition artist Theo Jansen and his kinetic sculptures.

Head here for more info on pricing and event details: https://support.pem.org/pages/membership/DreamwiththeBeests

8 days until the Strandbeest Hackathon…

Photo by Lena Herzog
Photo by Lena Herzog